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Property Insurance Claims


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Hurricane Irma Insurance Claims 

Make sure you are treated fairly and paid exactly what you are owed. The insurance company will not accept anything less than the entire insurance premium. You should not accept anything less than the full amount for what you are owed for your insurance claim. By law, the insurance company must timely investigate and pay your insurance claim. Likewise, the insurance company must timely respond to your communications and requests for information.

     •  Has the insurance company ignored you? 

     •  Has your insurance claim been denied?

     •  Has your insurance claim been underpaid?


What We Do

With over two decades of insurance claim experience, starting with Hurricane Andrew, Patrick Russell, Esq., has successfully recovered damages on behalf of countless Florida homeowners and business owners for their insurance claims. Immediately after Hurricane Irma, we provided extensive volunteer help and pro bono advice to those living in the Florida Keys.

     •  We provide homeowners and business owners with valuable information and tips on how to process a Florida insurance claim. 

     •  When it comes to Hurricane Irma insurance claims, our pro bono mission is to educate.

     •  Know your options if an insurance company denies or underpays your claim.

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