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Florida Automobile Insurance Claim Help

RUSSELL | LAW and Patrick Russell, Esq., a Florida Insurance lawyer, are available to assist you with your Florida automobile insurance claim. Automobile insurance is mandatory in the State of Florida and requires that certain limits of insurance be in place upon vehicles. The failure to maintain continuous coverage upon a vehicle will normally result in the revocation of the registration of the vehicle and/or suspension of driving privileges. If your insurance policy was wrongfully canceled or if insurance coverage for an automobile accident claim has been denied, you should seek the advice and counsel of a lawyer immediately.

Florida Automobile Insurance Defined

The liability portion of motor vehicle insurance (i.e. 10/20, 100/200) covers bodily injury and/or property damages to other people or vehicles. Personal injury protection (PIP) is no fault insurance that ensures that a portion of all medical bills are paid to those injured in an accident regardless of fault. Comprehensive and collision coverage is optional and it protects your own vehicle from damage, theft, and vandalism. Uninsured motorist coverage is also optional and provides coverage to you in the event that the other party does not have insurance at the time of the accident.

Florida Automobile Insurance Coverage Disputes

Frequently, coverage disputes for an accident arise on the basis that the policy was canceled. Cancellation can occur for nonpayment of a premium or the failure to renew. Likewise, coverage may be excluded if material misrepresentations were made on the insurance application (failure to accurately disclose driving history, eligible drivers in the household, preexisting damage to the auto). Insurance coverage is obviously very important because without out it, you are personally liable for any damages resulting from a motor vehicle accident involving your vehicle. As mentioned earlier, if you should fail to have insurance and also fail to pay for the damages of any automobile accident, your driver’s license and automobile registration may be suspended until such time that you make payment arrangements.

Florida Automobile Insurance Damage Disputes

The second source of disputes in Florida automobile insurance claim cases is the value of the damages.  Insurance companies will obviously try to pay as little as possible for the damages.  Disputes arise when the insurance company claims that the value of the car is one number while you claim that the value is another.  Complications also arise depending on how the insurance policy defines the loss as being actual cash value, replacement value or whether depreciation applies to the loss. Further certain property items may not be covered under a loss such as personal property, upgrades, electronics or other items as defined by the insurance policy.  If you are in doubt as to the value of the loss, you are urged to seek the advice of a lawyer to help you evaluate your claim.

Florida Automobile Insurance Claim Lawyer Benefits

This office will analyze the underwriting files, policy conditions, and exclusions to assist you with your insurance claim. When necessary, we will file a lawsuit for breach of contract and/or declaratory action to protect your rights and determine insurance coverage. In the event that your driver’s license or registration has already been suspended, Russell Law can examine if insurance was available at the time of the accident and if necessary, work out a payment plan so that you can get your driver’s license back.

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